I have been writing a local fashion column for The Fayetteville Free Weekly for a few years now, since recently launching my online boutique, I am stoked to incorporate the two via blogging. I decided to do my first blog post on “Original Style, Where does your’s come from? I feel we all have an “Original Style”  some of us are able to hold on to it while progressing and being influenced by today’s fast pace world of ever changing trends. If you are able to assert your “Original Style” I’ll bet you know that Style is about a feeling, self expression and making a statement. Whether it be political, spiritual or your voice for coming of age,  I hope you let your Style tell a story! Here’s a little write up on three local gals that I feel exert “Original Style” and where their Style Originates from…. to read the full article please visit The Fayetteville Free Weekly by clicking the link. ~peace be with you -Mel  http://www.freeweekly.com /Arts & Entertainment/Fashion.IMG_6686IMG_6672IMG_6696