Relationship advice: Man shares recommendations on “avoiding infant mama drama”

Relationship advice: Man shares recommendations on “avoiding infant mama drama”

A South African dad took to Twitter to talk about some co-parenting tips together with his supporters

– @Hlanga_O offered their recommendations on co-parenting a instead unique description by saying he does it to “avoid infant mama drama”

– numerous SA dads had been inside the replies part seeking advice while other people commended him for playing a dynamic part in their young child’s life

@Hlanga_O took to Twitter to talk about some much-needed great tips on how exactly to look after your children if they leave along with their mother. He shared their very first tweet using the guidelines accompanied by two other tweets describing his very first.

He titled his Twitter post: “we do 4 what to avoid child mama drama.”

Even though many South African tweeps have actually heeded their advice, other people have actually questioned the relationship he shares together with infant mama. Being aside but sharing a young child had SAns that are many for lots more advice from @Hlanga_O.

This SA dad shared 4 tips on how to look after a young youngster you share with some body you are not any longer with. Image: @Hlanga_OSource: Twitter

Have a look at their tweets below:

Accompanied by the reason tweets:

Listed here are are just some of the responses @Hlanga_O gotten from Saffa tweeps:

“I trust every thing except visitations. I can not find out whenever and where i really could see my son or daughter. If i’m s/he is going to stick with me personally this thirty days then therefore be it.”

“this is certainly perfect. Me personally and infant daddy have actually this in position. Works magically.”

“I would personally want to include because it permits each of y’all to focus on what’s perfect for the child(ren). it’s you crucial to produce a conscious effort to cultivate good relations with one’s baby mama(s)”

“this might be extremely noble of you nonetheless it, unfortuitously does not avoid infant mama drama for several males. I am happy it really works for you personally though.”

Various other news about relationship advice, recently reported on a female who urged partners to take into account psychological state and never simply financial status.@TarciaMakgolane headed to her Twitter page to share some advice about marrying and dating healthily.

Relating to her post, people must not just give consideration to an individual’s monetary status with regards to engaging in a relationship. Tarcia additionally interestingly encourages people to locate relationships to additionally start thinking about someone’s psychological and psychological wellbeing as the 2 facets additionally perform a big part into the success of any relationship.

“We’re obsessed about dating & marrying economically stable lovers, forgetting to test psychological, psychological & religious stability,” she captioned the Twitter post.

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