Editorial/Wardrobe Styling

Melissa has spent years in the fashion industry–from throwing fashion shows to styling her looks down the runway to cultivating her own unique, personal style, she has truly made an art out of styling. Whether you’re a business, magazine, or someone who just needs help with your personal wardrobe, Melissa will combine her creative side with her skills of sourcing and hunting for the perfect piece to create a look that stands out while sticking to your aesthetic.

Styling packages start at $100/hr, but all packages are custom, so give Melissa a call at +1 (479) 313-2864.

Styling and Photography

We combine Melissa’s experience and creativity in styling and the unique eye of photographer Sophie Odelia Bauer and give you an editorial experience that showcases your work and products in a new light. The photographs allow your pieces to tell a story, perfect for any editorial or advertising piece you need to stand out and speak for itself. Our editorial work has been featured in the Fayetteville Free Weekly, Kaioutimagazine, and The Idle Class.

Check out Sophie’s work on her WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Styling and Photography packages start at $200/hr, but all packages are custom, so call +1 (479) 313-2864 for your consultation and quote.